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Lingam massage:

The word “Lingam” originates from Sanscrit its a word that discribes the male sexual organ or the penis.

This massage can be called “Penis massage”
Lingam massage encourage a welcome sence of arousal and pleasure.

With great delicacy i will start the Lingam massage on your perineum, testicals and scrotum following with flowless genlte massage on the body of the penis and the head of the penis stimulating your erogen zone.

This massage varies in intensity and become more pleasant as massage progress. Its include from gentle and slow to more intense in speed techniques.

This massage will allowed you to slip a profound moment of bliss and exploar new level of your sensation leading you to deeper and intense orgasm.

Lingam massage can be supplemented by request to the main session.

Please keep on mind this is not a swedish finish or handjob!

Prostate massage:

Prostate massage is stimulating gentle internal massage.

Prostate massage is also known as ” The sacred spot” massage.

The prostate gland is the male G-spot.

The prostate gland is small round gland.

This is very sensitive on touch spot providing and intense internal sensual pleasure culminating and combined with swedish finish ( handjob) will allowed you to experince double stimulation and culminate with most explosive double strong orgasm!

Prostate massage can be supplemented to the tantra main session for extra unparalled level of pleasure taking the erotic experience beyound limits to a truly whole body release.

Feet Fetish Massage:

The Foot Fetish massage also loving referred as Footjob is the persfect erotic massage for those of us who adore the beauty and elegance of feet.

The feet of a woman especially when in high heels stockings and with faboulous painted toe nails are highly erotic and very sensual.

Smell,embrace and touch my feet and have every square centimetre of your body stroked and massaged your intime parts By soft, adorable feet and those oh so pretty toes.

Feet Fetish massage can be supplement to the main tantra session culminate with food job.

I will massage you with my feet replacing my skillful hands till you reach climax.

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